Black & White – Just right!

At Laurie Mac Interiors we love colour, I mean really really love it. But sometimes my clients ask for a more monochrome style and I love the opportunity to bring some black and white drama to their spaces.

Zebra Optional

You don’t have to have a room that belongs in the Victoria & Albert Museum, even the smallest space can be given an elegant and sophisticated edge with the use of black & white accessories, trims or light fixtures help sharpen the scheme.


Cool doesn’t have to be cold. Soften hard contrasting black & white with grey tones.

Choosing a black & white scheme can help create a calming, ordered space, Your quiet safe haven from the busy world outside.

Craving some colour too? Trust me, that’s OK, a pop of vibrancy can add depth and instantly transforms your space into a funky retro scheme.

If you’d like some advice on bringing your monotone dream to life, call in to our studio, I’d love to help in any way I can.


Laurie Mac


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